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High Fidelity Wraparound Coaching

Do For, Do With, Cheer On!

Coaching is the hands-on process of teaching our workforce to:

    • Model the High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) process to fidelity
    • Practice the process
    • Provide ongoing feedback and support to youth, families, and teams while implementing HFW

VWIC offers coaching support to trained workforce members through:

Skills-Based Practice Groups

Skills-based practice groups are facilitated sessions where HFW workforce members work together to gain insights, support one another, and demonstrate fidelity to the HFW model. Practice groups are held within single agencies and regionally. Experienced HFW workforce members facilitate the groups.

VWIC offers support to skills-based practice groups by providing a curriculum and coaching support to group leaders. Interested in starting or joining a skills-based practice group? Contact us.

Monthly Office Hours

Office hours are a free opportunity for the HFW workforce to focus on coaching needs, develop HFW skills, ask questions about programming needs, and learn from others who may be joining. Interested workforce members can drop in anytime during this window and stay for as little or long as they want. Interested in office hours? Contact us.